Fee Structure for MBBS at Chengde Medical University

100 CNY Chinese Yuan/RMB Ren Ming Bi = 15 USD

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Tuition Fee
per academic year

CNY/RMB 15,000

Hostel/Accommodation Fee
per bed per year (two share one room)

CNY/RMB 3,500

Administration Fee (One Time Only)
includes application fee,
registration fee, JW202 fee,
Pickup from Airport and Agent Consultancy fee

CNY/RMB 7500

Registration Fee


Residence Permit


Medical Insurance:
According to the regulations of the State Ministry of Education,
applicants need accident, medical and injury insurance and hospitalization
insurance in China. CDMU will purchase the insurance for the students
and renew the insurance every year.


First Year Total Expanses
Our Agents fee from USD 300-500 (One Time) For Admission & Visa Process

CNY/RMB 27,800
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Rewards & Scholarship

First best student will be given RMB 10,000
Second best student will be given RMB 5,000
Third best student will be given RMB 3,000

Hostel Facilities